Matt’s Key Platform Concerns:

  • Will Fight Against Tax Increases

  • Prioritize Quality of Life Issues

  • Partner with Police to Ensure Safety

  • Will Advocate for Increased School Funding

  • Seek Long-term Budget Solutions

  • Enhance Programs within the Schools

  • Will Work with Community/Neighborhood Organizations

  • Create a Strong, Unified Voice for 6th District

  • Be Responsive to the Concerns of Citizens

Matt is a lifelong Yonkers resident who has dedicated his life to building stronger communities.  For over 15 years he has been a part of positive change for citizens here in Yonkers.  Through his work with numerous non-profit and community organizations, he has formed relationships that give him a unique insight into the concerns of our residents.  As a homeowner, he understands the importance of keeping our taxes down, while expecting the services we deserve.  And, as a father, he realizes the significance of safe neighborhoods and places for our children to play.  

With a strong educational and professional background, Matt is ready to take on the leadership of the 6th District with practical solutions.  As a senior environmental chemist, who manages a staff of highly trained scientists, he is used to making important decisions as it relates to public safety.  Having attended Boston University (B.A.) and Marist College (M.P.A), Matt has a strong foundation on which his professional career was built.

As Chair of the City of Yonkers Commission on Human Rights, Matt strives to provide access and opportunity for all of our residents throughout the city.  He has created programs for our young people that stress unity and helping others.   Through programs like “Big Brothers” and “Yonkers Partners In Education Graduation Coach”, Matt has spent years doing one-on-one mentoring, both academically and socially.

Matt is quick to point out that his most important job is that of a husband and father.  With 2 young children, who attend school in the Yonkers district, he seeks to create positive learning environments for all children.  Realizing the importance of recreation and teamwork, Matt has coached hundreds of youth over the past 10 years, including his own children.    

Join the movement and let’s elect one of Yonkers’ own, Matt Orefice!         

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